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  • Emergency tree service is probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to tree care – but should you need it, we can provide it. Trees fall as a result of severe weather events as well as from being struck by other trees.

    When this happens in Virginia Beach, sometimes that fallen tree causes additional damage to structures and vehicles or may block access to your home. When this happens, you will require immediate tree removal.

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    Because Emergencies Can’t Be Planned

    Even the strongest, healthiest tree in your yard can come crashing down in a storm or following an accident of some kind. Regardless of where they land, they will require removal.

    Our certified arborists have access to the tools and specialized equipment required to cut up, move and haul away hazard trees. It’s something we’ve done before and we are always ready to do again when needed.

    To find out more about the emergency tree care service available at Sun Valley Tree Experts, give us a call or send us an e-mail today. Request your free estimate and we’ll make contact with you to discuss your needs.

    Why Sun Valley Tree Experts?

    Sun Valley Tree Experts was establishing in upstate New York in 1981 and has been servicing Virginia Beach, Virginia since 1996 following a move to the area. Our customer base is throughout the “America’s First Region” including Portsmouth and Chesapeake.

    As no two jobs are exactly alike, we prefer to visit your yard and property to examine the job and that permits us to personalize a price quote. It also allows us to get to know you and what your budget is for our service – including whether or not your job would require the use of our spider lift or crane service.

    For more information on our emergency tree service contact us at Sun Valley Tree Experts today. Call or e-mail us and we provide discounts to senior citizens and military personnel.