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    The use of cables & braces is a time-tested way to assist trees that have weak branches. These supplemental structure supports are a form of emergency tree care used to provide additional strength.

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    Cabling and bracing is intended to provide rigid support to tree branches without affecting the growth pattern. For a free estimate on tree cabling or bracing contact us at Sun Valley Tree Experts today by e-mail or phone.

    The Mechanics Behind Cabling and Bracing

    Cabling involves installing bolts into the body of a tree and running cables from them to a branch or group of branches. The purpose is to reduce movement of the section of the tree that has been cabled.

    Threaded rods known as braces are installed into weak branches where a break or weak spot exists. The brace acts as an additional support eliminating the weak spot and adding strength to the location.

    It is important to note that cabling and bracing is not always the proper remedy for trees that have been weakened. Our certified arborists have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the correct diagnosis and solution for care of your trees.

    For your free estimate on cabling or bracing of trees on your property just contact our tree service in Virginia Beach directly at Sun Valley Tree Experts. You can reach us easily either by phone or e-mail for more information.

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    Established in 1981 in upstate New York, Sun Valley Tree Experts relocated to the Virginia Beach, Virginia area in 1996. We also service Suffolk, Newport News and all other communities in and around “America’s First Region.”

    Our certified arborists are fully trained on all forms of tree care and receive regular upgrading in order to stay up-to-date with trends. They use proven methods that are going to get you the results you require from our service.

    One way we ensure that is by conducting an on-site inspection of your yard and the job to be done there. It allows us to provide an accurate price quote based on work specific to your project and not a price from another completed job.

    For your personalized free estimate on tree cabling and bracing services, or any of our other services – including tree removal – contact us at Sun Valley Tree Experts today. Call or e-mail us and we proudly offer discounts to senior citizens and military personnel.