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  • Tree removal in Virginia Beach does not solely involve digging up dead trees and hauling them away. In fact, that’s often the last resort in treating a disease or to prevent further damage to existing trees on your property.

    Our certified arborists can determine the health of your trees and decide whether or not to remove any of them. For a free estimate on our tree removal services, call or e-mail us at Sun Valley Tree Experts today.

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    Reasons to Consider Tree Removal

    Sometimes trees don’t fit well in some landscaping plans. If, for example, they are not common native trees to the Virginia area, there may be problems related to pest infestation.

    A certified arborist will consider many factors including species, health, damage, location, history and environment. Based on our knowledge, we can advise you on what trees on your property need removal and why.

    Trees can be damaged in a storm, from disease and from excessive pruning. Low lying utility lines or blocking a view may also warrant tree removal from your yard.

    To be sure, contact us at Sun Valley Tree Experts and request an on site inspection from one of our certified arborists. We service the entire Virginia Beach region and we will provide you with a free estimate once you call or e-mail us for details.

    Why Sun Valley Tree Experts?

    Sun Valley Tree Experts was established in 1981 in upstate New York and relocated to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1996. We also service all communities in and around “America’s First Region” including Chesapeake and Hampton.

    Sun Valley employs a 65-foot Bucket Truck for most of our Tree Removal jobs. Contact us to find out more about the equipment we use for your service requests.

    We’ve been around for a while because we believe in building old fashioned relationships with our customers. That means that we provide personalized service specific to the job required in your yard.

    We also believe in providing accurate quotes which come from an on-site inspection of the trees requiring removal. Following consultation with you, we keep our pricing within your budget and get the job done within reasonable timelines.