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  • Imagine that majestic tree out in the back of your Virginia Beach yard suddenly uprooted by a massive windstorm. Depending on where it landed, it is going to be a hazard that will need to be removed.

    The bigger the tree, the higher the risk and the amount of danger it poses. Don’t risk hurting yourself, or a family member or neighbor by trying to remove it yourself.

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    When it comes to removing the biggest of trees, we have the equipment required to do whatever that job happens to be. Big trees need crane removal service because it is quicker and less damaging to the rest of the tree.

    For those tree removal jobs that call for a lot more than just a pickup truck and a couple of buddies, you need our crane service. For a free estimate on this, or any of our other tree services, contact Sun Valley Tree Experts today.

    When a Crane May Be Required

    Even if you don’t have a fallen tree resulting from severe weather, you may still need to use a crane tree removal service. For example, to remove that large tree that is now blocking the view from your new deck.

    Sometimes crane removal is required in order to take a diseased tree out of a setting where it may spread to nearby trees. Using a crane for tree removal is specialized work and our certified arborists are training in all tree care service.

    Phone or e-mail us today at Sun Valley Tree Experts for your free estimate on our crane service. We will visit your property to conduct an on site inspection before quoting a price for any of our tree care programs.

    Why Sun Valley Tree Experts?

    Sun Valley Tree Experts was established in 1981 in upstate New York and relocated to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1996. We service customers in and around “America’s First Region” including Hampton, Norfolk and Suffolk and surrounding areas.

    Our certified arborists can handle any kind of tree care service ranging from pruning and trimming right up to the big jobs involving cranes and lifts. Our goal is to finish your job efficiently, quickly, safely and within your budget.

    For a free estimate on our crane tree removal service, call or e-mail us at Sun Valley Tree Experts today. We offer discounts to senior citizens and military personnel.