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  • Stump grinding in Virginia Beach is, without a doubt, the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to remove a stump from your yard. The job requires the right equipment and operators in order to see it completed smoothly and quickly.

    The certified arborists at Sun Valley Tree Experts are fully trained in the use of all our equipment and receive regular training upgrades. For a free estimate on stump grinding service, call or e-mail us today.

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    Why You May Consider Stump Grinding

    Maybe you have decided to pave a driveway or construct a walkway around your home and a stump is in the way. Possibly one sits in the middle of where you want to put a garden and you just want to get rid of it.

    Stump removal can take a couple of different forms – digging it out and removing the root ball or grinding it down to below ground level. Grinding is cost effective in that it also creates wood chips that can be used elsewhere in and around your property.

    To find out more about our stump grinding service, or any of our other services – including snow removal – call or e-mail us at Sun Valley Tree Experts. We provide free estimates on all work as well as senior and military discounts.

    Why Sun Valley Tree Experts?

    Established in 1981 in upstate New York and relocated to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1996, Sun Valley Tree Experts services the entire “America’s First Region.” We have customers in Portsmouth and Suffolk and look forward to helping you with your tree care requirements.

    We know that no two tree service calls are the same and that is why we do not have blanket pricing for the services we provide. We prefer to visit your property to make an assessment and create a personalized price quote from that visit.

    Our goal is to provide all our customers with fast, reliable work at a fair and affordable price. We consult with you throughout the process and keep our costs within your personal budget.

    To find out more about our stump grinding service, call or e-mail our Virginia Beach tree service today at Sun Valley Tree Experts for a free estimate. We also offer senior citizen and military discounts on all our tree care service programs.