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  • When it comes to a Virginia Beach, VA winter you need to consider the kind of snow removal services available to you, your family and co-workers at home and work. At Sun Valley Tree Experts we provide seasonal snow removal service for both residential and commercial customers.

    Let’s face it; winter in Virginia Beach is not always mild and without snow. In fact, weather stats show that if you live in Virginia, chances are you will get to experience all four seasons in an average year.

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    Different Kinds of Snow Removal Jobs

    There is a big difference between residential and commercial snow removal. One requires driveway plowing where the other may need parking lot plowing and as a result, bigger equipment to complete the work.

    Speaking of bigger equipment – has a recent storm left your yard in dire shape, and you’re looking for a crew capable of helping you fast? Contact us for our emergency tree service, and we’ll be on our way to help.

    Residential customers may also request sidewalk or walkway snow clearing and salting. Commercial customers could require sidewalk and walkway snow removal along with de-icing applications in various high traffic areas.

    Regardless of whether your snow removal requirements are big or small, residential or commercial, we can do them all. For your free estimate call or e-mail us at Sun Valley Tree Experts today.

    Why Sun Valley Tree Experts?

    Sun Valley Tree Experts is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia and we serve customers in and around the city. We were established in 1981 and have been in “America’s First Region” since 1996.

    Snow removal is not the same from one commercial property to the next. The same goes for two different residential locations.

    That is why we do not offer a one-size-fits-all price opting to visit the job site first. Our certified arborists and snow removal experts will conduct a complete site inspection to determine the scope of your particular job.

    Once we examine the location we can develop an accurate price quote taking into account various factors. These factors will range from driveway/parking lot size to length of walkway and any other details related to the project.

    We have found that providing this kind of personalized pricing keeps our services competitively priced. It also keeps us mindful of budget restrictions of many of our special customers.

    Phone or e-mail Sun Valley Tree Experts for your free estimate on our snow removal service today. We offer discounts to military personnel as well as to senior citizens.