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  • Lightning strikes can weaken trees to the point where some split and fall to the ground. Another hazard from lightning is trees that are ignited and burn as the result of a strike.

    A fallen or burning tree following a lightning storm poses a greater hazard to surrounding trees, structures and homes. These are reasons why lightning protection systems have been developed.

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    The idea behind these systems is to reduce the potential danger of a tree being struck in a storm and becoming damaged by the massive electrical charge. This kind of damage weakens those trees that are not destroyed by splitting or a fire.

    The certified arborists on staff at Sun Valley Tree Experts are truly experts when it comes to any kind of tree care. Installing lightning protection systems is one of the many projects we work on during a regular year.

    What Lightning Protection Does

    Protecting your trees from lightning involves a great understanding of and respect for the power of a bolt of lightning. The main objective in a lightning protection system is to provide a different path to the ground for it to follow.

    Installing a lightning protection system to a tree that may become a target during a severe weather event does not make the tree ‘safe’ during a storm. All the wiring attached to a tree does is control the flow of electricity from a strike feeding directly into the ground.

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