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  • Tree pruning in Virginia Beach, VA is very much like giving a tree a ‘haircut’ to enhance its visual appeal and to promote growth. Just like a hairdresser professionally cuts hair, a certified arborist is used to properly trim a tree.

    The science behind tree pruning is a lot more complicated than cutting away random branches. Too much pruning – and incorrect pruning – is damaging to the health of any tree.

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    Tree Pruning And Timing

    In addition to knowing how to properly prune a tree, a certified arborist knows when in a tree life cycle to trim it. The timing of a proper pruning will reduce the amount of trauma the tree will experience from branch removal.

    The timing of a professional tree pruning is essential to avoid affecting the normal growth cycle of the tree. The certified arborists at Sun Valley Tree Experts have the knowledge and skill required to provide your trees with the care they deserve.

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    Why Sun Valley Tree Experts?

    Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Sun Valley Tree Experts has been serving customers in and around “America’s First Region” since 1996. This means we will also service your tree removal, stump grinding & other tree care needs if you live in Newport News or Norfolk as well.

    Here at Sun Valley, our 65-foot Bucket Truck helps us perform even the most difficult of tree pruning jobs. Contact us today for more information on the equipment we use.

    If there are trees in your yard in need of a trim, rely on professionals to take care of the job quickly, efficiently and affordably. We do that by visiting your property and putting together a price quote based just on the work required for your situation.

    We recognize that no two pruning jobs are the same and that is why we don’t charge the same rates from one project to the next. For your free estimate on our tree pruning program, call or e-mail us today at Sun Valley Tree Experts.